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A review of our first “Six Society Days”  for Captains Trough

Hi Pigs been a while since I contributed to the Captains trough, so here goes.

It’s been a frustrating year for me personally on the Golf front, as I’ve been injured and not playing for most of it.  I guess I’m just getting old and the bones are creaking, but hopefully I’m on the mend now, and hope to be back slinging a few clubs around, and competing again soon. We also have another ex-Captain Andrew Abell who has missed most of the season with his elbow problem. Maybe it’s a Captain’s curse or something?, anyway speedy recovery Andrew and there is a place reserved for you in Chepstow.

We are now half way through the piggy season, (where does it go) , and as ever it’s a close run thing with only 31 points  separating 1st and 6th in the results table, so its anyone’s title and still a lot of Golf to play Piggy’s .

I’m sure like me you are all looking forward to the 2018 tour at the St.  Piere Marriott in Chepstow. It looks like a top notch venue, and will provide a superb setting for a hard fought Belts and Braces battle for the coveted tour team trophy.

Our next society day is at the Alsager Golf Club on Friday 10th August 2018, where we will compete for the annual 1200 mile trophy. This is our annual visit to Alsager organised by Karl in memory of his late father, so let’s all make a big effort to get there if we can.  PS a few of the “usual suspects” will be venturing into Alsager for half a shandy and a curry afterwards, and all are welcome to come along.

It would be churlish of me not to mention the people doing the work that keeps our society running so smoothly , obviously our founder, organiser, web site policeman, leader and all round good egg - Phil Stonier, plus Kev Abell, Brian Abell, and Mark Steele who have stepped up this year and between them organised the society days. (Mark also doubles as the society event’s organiser, and he’s certainly missed his vocation there).

Also I must again mention Andrew Abell who although not currently playing, is keeping his eagle eyes on your handicaps, and as mentioned above six players all within 31 points of each other at the half way stage shows his system is working well.

Any way look forward to seeing you at Alsager and then upwards and onwards to the tour, let battle commence, I know the the banter already has…….


Hello Pigs,

APRIL 2015

Spring has nearly sprung so just a word regarding our new Piggy golfing season which will very soon be upon us. Firstly, as you may be aware Stan is stepping down from the Captaincy, and my first task as your new Captain is to sincerely thank him on behalf of all the Pigs for his hard work and efforts over the past few years. I will endeavour to keep up the good work, but I’m sure I will fall well below Stan’s levels of wit and eloquence at presentations etc. Of course Stan is not actually going anywhere so I can always rope him in if I’m struggling. Cheers Stan, and thanks again.

As ever Phil has been beavering away in the background and has put together a really great looking program for 2015 including some old favourites, additional twilight games, and some challenging new venues. I hope all you Piggy’s will get to as many of these events as possible, beginning with the season opener on April 17th at Newcastle Golf Club.

We can also look forward to our 2015 tour which again takes on a new style and format, and with all the games to be played in one venue this will mean less travel and preparation and more time to relax in the bar, so it must be a plus.

There are also going to be a few Piggy rule changes, designed to speed up play a little. I won’t attempt to describe these here because I would probably just confuse everyone including myself, but I’m sure Andrew and Phil will be educating us all on these very shortly.

So all the best for the 2015 season I’m sure as ever it will be hard fought contest but also, and much more importantly, a really good laugh for us all